From pew warmer to poverty fighter

The Unlikely Missionary is an ebook by Dan King, a blogger who has moved from having vague thoughts about poverty to writing about the topic on his blog to taking a trip to Africa with Five Talents International.

In taking this trip from Florida to Kenya and Uganda with the purpose of helping teach basic small business skills to local people, Dan doesn’t set out to change the world, the purpose in his heart is to sow seeds. In the process a seed is also sown in his own heart:

What if my greatest impact on a trip like this went beyond the work that I did while I was there? What if I could continue to have an even greater impact in the life of my son by showing him that I’m serious about making the world a better place, and that he can help? What if this whole thing sets off a chain reaction (even if it is just in my family) to make a difference not only half-way around the world, but even in our own backyard?

He comes face to face with the reality of poverty and also hope. Beyond the stereotypes of what “poor people” look like or act like, he sees the daily struggle to cope under difficult conditions which are not of their own doing.

How is this relevant to me?

What attracted me to this ebook is what I see God doing in me through my own blog. I have just spent a month writing and praying about the difficult circumstances of the Shan people. Doing this is changing me.

Many of us live in unbelievable wealth compared to most people in this world. It is easy to forget this when the budget won’t balance and the cost of fuel and groceries goes up. But even having a vehicle which requires fuel is a sign of wealth, being able to buy a week’s worth of food all at once would be unthinkable to many. Much of the wealth we have is in the infrastructure of our society – water to our taps, education systems, healthcare – all these make our lives easy and provide opportunities for us.

Lacking infrastructure makes life really tough for people in poorer countries. Then there are injustices, exploitation, environmental disasters and wars which compound their suffering. Our world in broken. None of us can fix all this brokenness, but I challenge you to pray for what is broken.

Whatever it is that most bothers you in this broken world, pray about it consistently. Do this and I am sure God will both use you, and change you.

2 thoughts on “From pew warmer to poverty fighter

  1. Thanks for the great review Mike! I’m glad to hear that you’ve found a connection between what I’ve written and what you’ve got going on here at your blog. And I join you in that challenge to pray… that’s always been my hope with this book… that people would seek God about what they can do, and that God would answer, guide and direct them.

    You rock dude!


    • Hi Dan,
      Thanks for clicking by. Exciting things (and hard things) can happen when we trust God and ask Him to work in and through us. I’m glad He is working through the work you are doing and writing.


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