New home

Welcome to the new home of Words of Eternal Life, I hope you like the new scenery! (The header images are all of places familiar to me in the south of the South Island, New Zealand.)

Busted stuff

As always when moving stuff around the internet some links have been broken. Most of these will be links to images and I am fixing these as quickly as I can but as there are at least 200 to go it will take some time! If you happen to notice anything else broken please leave a note in the comments and I will get on to it also.

Categories and tags were also cleared during the move, they are a lower priority for me to fix but it may make finding stuff a little harder. If there is something in particular you are looking for try using the search box above – just type in a key word or two and hit enter, hopefully the search results will show what you were looking for. If not, again leave a comment!

Why do you keep moving the blog??

Excellent question! The initial reason for deciding to seek a new hosting provider is that although my previous host was very reliable and gave fantastic customer service, there was a low (500MB) cap on how much disc space I could use without paying more. This was becoming a limiting factor and I knew other providers were offering virtually unlimited disc space for a similar price to what I already paid.

Unfortunately finding a provider that is as reliable is not so easy – they all have faults. Eventually I settled on one which seemed to be a good compromise but it still cost a little more than I had been paying and involved much more technical work to set up. This extra work takes me a lot of extra time, and was consuming all my ‘spare’ time, creating other problems (such as an irritated wife!).

This cost in time and money caused me to reassess and opt for the technically easy and financially cheap option. It has limitations, but they are such as I can live within for the time being.

(More details on my odd decision-making process in the next post.)

Image of house drawing: iStockphoto
Broken link icon: DryIcons