God made me dissatisfied

On Sunday I gave a brief overview of Psalm 119 and then read the entire psalm out loud to our church. As I read it, my overall sense was that the psalmist had a very strong and deep trust in God and the promises God has given in His word. He knew for sure that God would keep His word, that the promises are sure and unfailing. I do not have this sort of trust.
When I read from the Psalms, listen to them spoken and sung, and realize how shallow my prayers and communion are that I cannot experience the depths they speak of. I trust in many things, really I should simply trust in God. I seek comfort, contentment and satisfaction in many ways, often ignoring the way which the Bible constantly points to as the only reliable source of comfort – Jesus Christ.

Why? How come it seems so easy to seek comfort in the world and so pointless to seek it from God?

What is blocking me from knowing God as my hope in the way the psalmists did?

My soul longs for your salvation;
I hope in your word.
(Psalm 119:81 ESV)

These questions are the gift God has given to me – the goad to not be content with a shallow experience of Christ.

Deep calls to deep
at the roar of your waterfalls;
(Psalm 42:7 ESV)

Gifts I have noticed this week:

597) Despite it’s hideous noise, the vacuum cleaner is a useful thing.
598) Peace in our nation, allowing me to even consider folding laundry.
599) Living in this place where ‘enough’ is in fact a lot.
600) Calm harbour with ripples from birds catching fish.
601) A sheep in the street (only in NZ!)
602) Local fertilizer factory replacing the glass in some of our windows.
603) Invitation to join 30 days of prayer for the Shan in October.
604) A pay rise!
605) The simplest sermon I have ever delivered.
606) Learning endurance through pain and discomfort.
607) Gastroscopy date drawing nearer.
608) Walking.
609) Rain.
610) Walking in the rain.
611) Old memories showing me that I have changed and grown.
612) Godly discontent with my shallow faith.
Photo of Milford Sound waterfalls by dmathies via iStock