Pray for your kids – just do it

I have recently been writing on the topic of praying for your kids. So far my approach has been to work through a list by Caroline Cordle of topics to pray about and accompanying Scripture references.
Today I want to depart from that format and simply encourage you to pray for your kids. Right now.

Wherever you are. Stop. Pray.

At work, at the bus stop, on a train, in an airport, at the library, in a cafe, at home – pray for your kids.

It can be silently in your head, nobody need notice what you are doing. The point is to pray now while you are thinking of it.

If you are at home and a child is handy, ask them to come to you. Tell that child you want to pray for them and pray out loud so they can hear. Being prayed for is a fantastic gift and children love it, even if they are not used to anyone praying for them it is a wonderful experience.

Don’t be elaborate or long. A simple, “Lord Jesus, I ask you to bless this beautiful child” is enough. Pray more if you like, as long as it is genuine and loving.

My point is that praying for our kids is not something we need more information about. It is something we need to just get on and do. The more we do it the more beautiful it becomes, but the stumbling first prayer is every bit as ‘effective’ as the deeply biblical and profound prayer you will pray over that same child in your old age. However, if you do not start to pray for your kids now while you remember, the prayers in your old age may be full of despair.

Lord, teach us to pray
(Luke 11:1 ESV)

Download the prayer prompts:

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2 thoughts on “Pray for your kids – just do it

  1. Just did it!
    The thing I pray most often for my kids is that they would grow up to know and love God. I figure that’s the best thing I can pray for them.
    It’s great praying with them too; it forces us to use simple language and avoid waffling—both lessons we can apply to our ‘adult’ praying!


    • Hi Chris,Great! I agree about praying with our kids – getting to the point and praying stuff that is real.
      Thanks for your comment,


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