My fragile faith seed


How does a stumbling, distracted man keep his heart fixed upon Christ?

The world around me ignores Christ and even in my own home there are plenty of distractions drawing my heart away from Him. Worse still, my own heart is bent on straying from Jesus into ambivalence and sin (Romans 7:18).

Having plenty of failed attempts under my belt already, it is clear that the only place to start is with what messy reality I’ve got here today. Fortunately, part of this reality is that I want to live with Christ at the center (Hebrews 11:6). Such a desire indicates faith and so my starting point consists of a sinful heart, faith and Jesus Christ.

No matter how depraved my heart may be, a grain of faith in Christ is all I need – He will do the rest.

This is perhaps the hardest bit – my fragile faith seed appears impotent against the sin in my own heart. What faith does is to cry out to Jesus. In my distractions I ask for His steadfast love. As a little child with arms outstretched and heart tender, coming to the One in whom I trust for everything.

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2 thoughts on “My fragile faith seed

  1. Oh, how I can relate, but such a small seed…He can do much with that! Thanks for sharing, stopping in from Ann’s.


    • Hi Lisa,
      On thinking about it, even if I thought my faith was big, to an infinite God it is all miniscule anyway so these little seeds really do count as the real thing!


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