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I love reading. I particularly love reading books. Blogs and websites and short documents are fine, but they cannot compare to the pleasure of reading a good book.
Aside from a general preference for books, there are many reasons why I read. Why I am reading not only influences what I choose to read but also how I read it. Some books are read slowly from cover to cover, others are skimmed, some are dipped into as the mood takes me, and then there are the reference tomes that are only read in small bits as required.

Here are some of the reasons I read:

  • To be reminded: some stuff is just too valuable to leave shut up on the shelf.
  • To escape into a good story for a while.
  • Learning: some books are a challenge for me to read but I know they are good for me.
  • To be jarred and jolted into a deeper view of of being human.
  • Out of curiosity: sometimes a book just makes me want to know what it is about.
  • Someone else recommends the book: I have to admit that this is not always a good reason for me – I’ve slogged through a lot of books that came well recommended but just weren’t of much interest to me.
  • I like the author’s other books: not always reliable, but certainly more useful to me than recommendations from others.

I’m sure there are good reasons I’ve left out, maybe I will add to this list over time. Or you can add your own reasons why you read in the comments for this post.

Of making many books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh.
(Ecclesiastes 12:12 ESV)

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