My fridge is smarter than my soul

It has become my habit to use the quiet once everyone has gone to bed to check blogs, write a draft post, search for a picture for that post, check the news, scan Facebook, then wearily do the dishes and fall into bed. There was no plan of pushing God aside in my evenings, I am thinking about him as I do all these things. I’d like to spend less time on the computer but there are so many things that ‘need’ to be done online.

This evening, with no particular intentionality, I changed the order and did the dishes first – the computer was OFF, it still is as I write, with pen and paper – my favourite way. It took a while for the urge to be checking updates, editing, tweaking, researching, to subside.  Gradually the hum of the fridge became my new baseline – a monotonous drone maintaining the status quo. After a long reset my heart synchronized itself with this being here, maintaining a steady internal environment. It took over an hour to settle and regain the internal state of thirsting for God:

O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you;
my soul thirsts for you;
my flesh faints for you,
as in a dry and weary land where there is no water
(Psalm 63:1 ESV)

Eventually homeostasis is achieved, the fridge stops humming – it will resume once it’s internal state drifts away from it’s set point. How come a fridge is smarter than my soul? I drift and drift and completely lose internal stability before realizing that some work needs to be done to get back to where I should be. Only then can I do the work God made me to do.

2 thoughts on “My fridge is smarter than my soul

  1. Nice reflection, Mike….being a morning person I used to find the mornings, before everyone got up, was a great time for being still. Curiously enough, as the kids all left home, and there wasn’t so much need to get up before other people, I kind of lost this special time. Have to start reconsidering how to get it back again!


    • Hi Mike, Now you have challenged me, I tend to dream of when the kids leave home and I get a chance to have more quiet times to spend with God. This may be very flawed thinking if your experience is common! A good reminder to just make the most of whatever I have where I am now.


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