Collateral damage

Only two days after the recent elections in Burma, fighting broke out in Karen state between the Burmese army and ethnic forces. Overall this was not directly targeted at Christians, but I have noticed one report which mentions ‘collateral damage‘ to buildings and property belonging to Christians:

Villagers wounded,  Church buildings and Pastor’s property damaged

9 November 2010: From around 6:00pm to 7:00pm Burma Army troops based in Kya Inn Seikkyi launched 30 artillery shells into surrounding villages, including Ta Ka Klo, Ta Ka Kee, Ta Ku Kee and Kya Inn villages. Sit Byu Ha Special Operations Commander Hla Pyo, based in Kya Inn Seikkyi, is responsible. Some villagers were injured and some building plants were broken. A Ta Ka Klo villager, Myo Aung, 32 years old, was badly wounded. A house belonging to Kya Inn villager Ma Myint Hlaing was hit and damaged. A mortar hit a rubber field that had been growing for four years and is owned by Pastor Doo Ko of Kya Inn Village. Forty rubber trees were damaged by the mortar blast. Also a Bible school dining room was hit in Kya Inn Village.

Please pray for these people as they try to cope with the destruction of war and fear for their lives. Especially ask God to give strength to the Christians and to shine the light of Christ into Kya Inn Village through the response of His people in their suffering.

For a full report of this and related incidents, see: FBR REPORT: School girl killed, villagers wounded and hundreds displaced as the Burma Army continues attacks in Central Karen State.