God is constantly shaping me

It is good to be reminded of what constancy can achieve. I do not usually think of water as abrasive but its constant action over extended periods of time can wear away rocks.

There are certainly similarities between my own heart and the rough rock in the picture above ā€“ both are pretty ugly, both are hard, both need work from another to turn them into something of worth. The way that rock will get smoothed into a rounded pebble is by being tumbled, bumped and abraded on its journey downstream in the river. Life as a Christian can be like that, God uses the bumping and abrading of circumstances and other people to shape me. When I think I have found some place I’d like to rest, a change of season brings a flood that pushes me back out into the main current again.

There is also one more similarity between my heart and that rock which I am pleased to acknowledge, both will not be able to resist praising God when He comes in glory (Luke 19:40, Revelation 5:13).

Gifts I have noticed this week (75 ā€“ 85):

75) Your patient, constant moulding of me.
76) Daily rhythms of life that make me slow down and thank You.
77) Sunshine at the bus stop.
78) Reminders of my childhood fascination with the world You made, before I even knew You.
79) Someone on the other side of the world ‘scratching in the dark‘ to remind me that it is necessary and possible to seek You daily amidst the chaos of ordinary parenting.
80) Seeing my 20-month-old son running to me soon after we began a frantic search for him.
81) The irrational fickleness of children’s behavior reminding me of my own erratic walk with You.
82) Work that engages my heart and mind.
83) Rest from striving to be what I am not.
84) Birthday cards lovingly made for me by my children.
85) That You don’t rush in communicating with me.