Oppressed by spirits and by men

Shan-Tai prayer month, day 18

The entire nation of Burma is oppressed politically by the ruling military junta, in Shan state this is especially severe. Added to this human oppression is also spiritual oppression in forms seldom seen by those of us living in the west. Shan communities commonly have at least one medium to whom they go to in order to learn about their future and their health. These mediums are possessed at least temporarily by spirits (i.e., demons).

Pray for:
  • The Lord to bring freedom to those enslaved by evil spirits  (Mark 3:11).
  • God to show Himself as sovereign so the Shan will no longer live in fear of evil spirits  (Acts 16:16-18).
Further information:

It’s interesting how God directs our steps (or clicks and keystrokes) – I discovered a broken link on my blog this evening and went to the website I originally linked to seeking to fix that link and found the article linked below: