Unending civil war

Shan-Tai prayer month, day 15

A young Shan Dai soldier

The Shan people have faced military threats of varying scale since World War 2. Shan rebel forces continue to clash with the Burmese army intermittently, and in turn the Burmese army ruthlessly oppress young Shan men by enforced conscription or enslaving them to work constructing roads or railways for no pay, often for months. This is a major reason why so many Shan men have fled into Thailand.

Five days ago (October 10, 2010) there was a large explosion at a munitions depot belonging to the Burmese army in which two warehouses were destroyed and it is rumoured that three soldiers died. The cause of the blast is unknown but was unlikely to be the work of Shan rebel forces as the depot was well surrounded by army units.

Pray for:
  • God to do a deep work in the lives of all of those who have taken up arms  (Proverbs 11:3).
  • Christians within the various military groupings to have integrity and wisdom  (Philippians 2:15).
  • Those in authority to show mercy as they carry out their duties (Hosea 6:6).
Further information:

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