Poverty and addiction

Shan-Tai prayer month, day 13

With jobs in short supply and wages low, poverty is impacting Shan society. Added to this are the multitude of associated problems from a cheap and ready supply of drugs such as methamphetamine, heroin and alcohol. Men seem particularly prone to substance abuse and addiction, leaving their wives with the task of working to support their family and a burdensome husband.

Pray for:
  • Churches to show compassion and active support of neighbouring orphanages and street children  (Matthew 10:42).
  • God to be with those broken families who are unwilling or unable to provide for their children  (Deuteronomy 10:18).
  • God to convict the wealthy Christians in the world to share the burdens of the poor (2 Corinthians 8:13–14).
Further information:

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