Culturally Buddhist

Shan-Tai prayer month 2010, day 1

“To be Shan is to be Buddhist”. To become Christian in a culture with Buddhism ingrained as the worldview through which all of life is lived is a huge upheaval and carries strong risks of suffering, alienation and loss of status in one’s community. There is also a tendency to simply add Jesus as ‘another god’ and only tack on some Christian practices and ideas to the existing cultural Buddhism.

Pray for:

  • God to reveal the exclusivity of the Gospel to those who see Christ as one amoung many gods (see Joshua 24:15, Isaiah 45:18-19).
  • Those who are culturally Buddhist to be willing to leave everything behind in order to follow Christ (Luke 9:23-24).
    I find this a challenging prayer to pray when the relative cost of becoming a Christian is so easy in NZ.
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