Spring gratitude

As I have written down some of the gifts I am noticing God has given me over the past week, I see that many of them are ‘small pleasures’ that come unexpectedly. I put quote marks around the phrase small pleasures because they are also things which I am powerless to bring about of my own will, the beauty of nature, the laughter of children, benefits of living in this nation, the love of other people, which makes them very large gifts. This is why I view such blessings as gifts from God, not only does He give them but He also opens my eyes to see and enjoy them (Ecclesiastes 2:24 & Ecclesiastes 3:12-13). So, despite the awful weather this past week, there is still plenty to be thankful for.

Gifts I have noticed this week (#30 -# 40):
  • Life and beauty budding forth during a spring storm.
  • A cup of tea and conversation with my wife.
  • Beautiful songs that turn my heart again to Jesus when I am weary and filled with worldly concerns.
  • Children laughing together playing outside.
  • For Your reminder when I wipe the tears from a child’s cheeks that You will wipe away all our tears (Revelation 21:4).
  • Our old house remained weatherproof!
  • That time continues ticking by even when waiting is hard.
  • A mother and daughter eating ice-cream and enjoying a movie together.
  • A warm fire on a cold evening.
  • The unhurried pace of gardening on a sunny day.
  • See my entire list