Over the last few months I have been reading the Holy Experience blog, created by Ann Voskamp. There is much in this beautiful blog to be inspired and uplifted by.

Something Ann does on her blog is to list the gifts God gives her on an ongoing basis. She calls this The One Thousand Gifts and seems to me to be a very good idea:

A List of a Thousand Things, beginning with #1. I am daily jotting down items on my Thousand Gifts List, working, one-by-one, up to a thousand gifts. Not of gifts I want. But of gifts I have.

I know that I need to be more mindful of the manifold blessings God pours upon me, it is all too easy to feel the pain points and failings in my life, allowing these to cloud my vision of the riches I have in Christ. Therefore, I am beginning my own list and joining the Gratitude Community in aiming to post something new for my list of the gifts God has given me each Monday. These will include some things that are eternal, some that are essential, some that have changed my life and some that may seem trivial to anyone except me.

Some items from my list so far:
  1. God’s grace to me in Christ Jesus.
  2. My beautiful, faithful wife.
  3. Three wonderful children.
  4. Continual provision of enough as our family has grown.
  5. The grace that keeps making me grow as a father and husband.
  6. Daily chores that leave my mind free to think about God stuff.
  7. The ventolin (salbutamol) that helps my little boy to breathe.
  8. Words, which express and mould our hearts.
  9. Books written by wise people who love God and want to build up His Church.
  10. A home that is weatherproof, warm and comfortable.