God as a jam baron

Perhaps it was the raspberry jam on my toast that caused Jeremiah 6:20 to stick with me this morning.

While waiting for my toast to pop I had glanced at the jar of Woolworths jam I was about to use and noticed ‘Made in Denmark’ proudly displayed on the label. Which got me thinking about distance to markets, carbon footprints and how stupid economics is…

… Oh, and that although we grow plenty of raspberries in New Zealand, we would still have to import sugar from Australia or Fiji to make jam.

Then I read chapter 6 of Jeremiah while eating my toast. With jam on my face and still on my mind I considered the price of sugar (see Jer 6:20). Even though it keeps increasing, it is still cheap for us in this age and no doubt even cheaper if you purchase it by the tonne to manufacture jam.

Imagine me taking a cup of sugar to the jam factory and donating it to them as an act of appreciation for their excellent product. What would they say? Well, once they stopped laughing, would they not tell me that the best way to show my appreciation is to buy and use their jam and tell others how good it is? (Consider Isaiah 55:1-2 and Matthew 28:19-20).

Sometimes we are like the people of ancient Jerusalem, we attempt to show off to God, going to great lengths to offer Him stuff or church programmes or our best talents when these are truly trivial things to Him. Meanwhile, He is saying, “Why won’t you just do as I told you to?” (John 14:15 and John 15:12).