100 iPod free days

I made a resolution yesterday. I was considering how I use my iPod to fill in odd snippets of time such as waiting for the bus, walking the dogs or doing odd jobs around home, and realized how little time I leave without external input into my thoughts. So I have resolved to go without my iPod for 100 days. I will not carry it with me during this time and will only use it docked to the speakers in our kitchen. This should free my mind to think, pray, memorize and meditate.

This resolution is not because I think iPods/personal MP3 players are bad, I actually think they can be an excellent tool in fighting for faith by choosing listening material which will build you up. I was greatly helped by listening to John Piper’s sermon series on the book of Romans while walking to and from work over the space of a year. However, lately I have been perceiving a distractability and lack of depth to my own thought processes so am looking for constructive ways to address this.

I have chosen 100 days because it is a nice round number, it is long enough to get beyond the ‘novelty factor’ and is hopefully long enough to develop a change in my thinking habits. I am confident that God will fill this time with growth, what I most need is the discipline to focus my mind and heart upon Christ.