About two years ago I lost my ability to taste sweetness for about a month, a condition with the medical name ‘hypoguesia’. It was quite odd to put sugar on my tongue and experience tasteless gritty grains which slowly dissolved, or to taste only the slightly earthy floweriness of clover honey with no sweetness at all. The only commercially manufactured biscuits I could tolerate were gingernuts because at least they had enough flavour to cover the taste of preservatives which is unmasked when sweetness is eliminated. Even chocolate completely lost its appeal!

One of the worst things about my inability to taste sweetness was that I was still left with the sour, acidic taste in my mouth which is the common aftertaste from eating anything sweet. So I got the sourness but not the sweetness, not nice.

The gospel is like that too. Prior to my conversion I encountered the gospel on several occasions and frankly it left me cold. My reaction to Christianity was distinctly hostile, I considered the church to have done considerable damage to the progress of science historically and to be irrelevant to my life. I certainly tasted sourness, but had no hint of sweetness.

O Taste and see that the LORD is good!
Blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!
(Psalm 34:8)

Image of monkey poking out tongue: iStock