Glimpsing God

My memory verse for this week is Exodus 34:6 in which God reveals Himself to Moses. The other day I was reading Mark 6:48-50 (Jesus walking on water) and the ESV Study Bible note for verse 48 commented that it “echoes the incident where God ‘passed’ before Moses, giving a glimpse of His glory.” Jesus was intending to walk past the disciples so they could see a glimpse of his divine nature. Despite them freaking out and thinking he was a ghost, the account in Matthew 14:33 indicates that they do get the point.

That God makes it His purpose show what He is like is stated in Romans 1:19-20. Yet people refused to honour Him as God so He took His revelation of Himself a step further, Jesus did not just stroll around on lakes flaunting his divinity, he made himself a sacrifice for the justification of our wickedness (Romans 3:23-26).

This was to show God’s righteousness, His mercy, His graciousness, His steadfast love, His faithfulness and His slowness to anger. God gave a progressive revelation in order that our growing understanding of Him will lead us to repentance rather than destruction (Romans 2:4).