A weaned child

My daughter resting on her Dad

Do you ever miss the irresponsibility of childhood? When your needs were met by parents and you just got on with living rather than worrying.

In my previous post I cited  Psalm 131 as an example of being focused on what is most important. The image of a weaned child resting upon its mother has remained in my thoughts and inspired me to consider further how we can rest in the Lord.

My youngest child is not yet weaned. When he is held in his mother’s arms he fusses and frets until he has been fed and then will be still, whereas his older sisters are very happy to be held in Mum’s loving arms – her presence is all they want.

We can be like this with God. When very young Christians we come to Him wanting something He can give us. As we mature we are content to be in His presence – this is our desire and our satisfaction.

To be content in God’s presence requires and induces humility. Nobody who thinks they have power in themselves to meet their own needs will be content resting in Christ, anyone that recognizes who Jesus is knows he is all they desire. There is a divine composure possessed by the humble person who rests in Christ. However, this is not the goal, the goal is simply to be with Christ.