Should we have a turn being poor?

My 8-year-old daughter was watching news footage of the catastrophe in Haiti with me this evening. Afterwards, while eating dinner she commented that it’s not fair that people have to always be poor, in her words, “they should get to be rich and we should have a turn being poor.” I was very proud of her. She did qualify this by stating that, “we should still have clean water and some food to eat, but not much.”

In my heart I was thinking that it wouldn’t be at all nice to be poor, but I am also pleased that she thinks like this. It seems that currently every passing day convicts me on how affluent I am, how desperately poor most of the people in this world are and that God loves the poor.

I would like to give more than I do, but I do have bills to pay and a family to feed – we are struggling to pay our own living costs. There is no easy answer, I cannot bring myself to make my wife and children have less, I need to find ways to spend less myself if I want to give more. I also need to work on becoming a more giving person from the heart, less selfish in other words.

Still, I cannot get Luke 16:19-25 out of my head – what if I have already had my chance?