Inspired again

See what God has made

I was feeling distinctly uninspired about blogs today – I am noticing how banal and trivial many blogs are, even (perhaps especially) blogs written by Christians (I expect a bit more depth from Christians). I then noticed how trivial our culture is as I walked through town at lunch time and felt even less inspired. Why add to the existing deluge of trivia on the internet?

Then my screensaver displayed this photo which I snapped the other day.

At the time I was impressed by the near-perfect form of this dandelion. Today I look at it compared to the ‘fun’ culture around me and the technical wizardry of our time and am awed by the finesse, skill, care and beauty that God has put into a thing that will literally disintegrate in a puff of wind. He actually designed it to fall apart and waft away in the wind, there is intentionality and purpose in this beauty, which was growing in the weeds of my unkept back yard!

This brings to mind Isaiah 40:8 which really is about the frailty of men, not just plants, and the staggering relevance to my observations of our culture that comes from the rest of Isaiah 40. If you are feeling dry and distant from God, it is not long really until we will hear the cry “Behold your God!” (Isaiah 40:9, Revelation 22:7).