Dinner with Jesus

Think of the finest meal you have ever had. Recall the excellent food, the drink that perfectly complemented the meal, the company of people you thoroughly enjoyed being with – an evening you wished did not have to end.

Jesus has provided just such a meal, in fact even better, far better than you could imagine, and it will last forever. All the food and wine provided at his expense (Isaiah 25:6).

The banquet will cost you nothing (Isaiah 55:1), you can freely partake simply by coming to Jesus. But what it cost him! He hid his glory in human flesh, as a frail baby in a time when many babies never lived long. He was rejected by those who knew him, and was tortured by those who hated him, then killed without mercy.

He paid a price beyond our comprehension to be able to vanquish death, wipe away every tear from your eyes and enjoy your company forever.