When I first began writing posts for this blog I was mildly apprehensive about what comments I might get. As it turns out so far I needn’t have worried – no comments at all!

One of the benefits of the blog format is that is can be an interactive ‘conversation’ leading to deeper thought and making the topic more interesting than just my own musings. So if you would like to say something about, or add to, or correct me on any of my posts, please feel free to add a comment.

To add a comment just click on the link below the post (which currently says “no comments”), enter your name and email address and comment away. Your email address is never published, it just matches comments with whoever posted them. When you click ‘Add comment’ you need to type in the ‘text’ of the ‘captcha’ (which is to avoid automated spam). Have fun.

I do reserve the right to moderate comments that are unsuitable for a ‘G’ rated blog.

Molly Piper has some useful comments to make about comments on her blog at The Pipers