I’m actually a little late beginning this, Advent is the four Sundays prior to Christmas and obviously I have missed the first one. However, my excuse is that I don’t like to go into ‘Christmas mode’ before the start of December. But ‘Christmas mode’ in our society and Advent are two very different things:

The point of Advent is to consider the incarnation of Jesus Christ the Son of God and prepare our hearts for His return at the second coming. I find that Paul’s reflection upon this in Philippians 2:5-11 is especially helpful, God all sufficient making Himself nothing on a mission to die for the sins I commit in making my will of more importance than His. Then glory, Jesus Christ exalted above everything, above created beings so exalted as to blow my mind, above the entire universe that we know, above every human strength, plan and achievement, and I get to join in the worship of Him!