Living water

In John 4:10-15, Jesus states very clearly that if asked he will give living water which will so satisfy that the recipient will never thirst again. The Samaritan woman has the typically human materialistic response of thinking in terms of literal water, when Jesus is talking about the Holy Spirit, as is made clear in John 7:37-39.

Note that Jesus calls himself ‘the bread of life’ (John 6:35) but the symbol of living water is reserved for the Holy Spirit (Morris, 1995, p230). Jesus has come so that we may have life abundantly (John 10:10) and the living (flowing) water of the Holy Spirit coursing through us is the way in which that life is given to us.

A hint of how this works in daily life is given in Romans 8:13. My parched soul cannot live if I live my life trying to satisfy my own desires. My bodily desires, by their very clamour and my inability to satisfy them completely, are meant to drive me to see that what I really need is the giver of life, much more than the mere physical provisions which enable the continuance of my bodily existence.