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Small changes add up Here is a link to a positive move by my employer to reduce one source of waste — disposable coffee cups: Change that counts: Jul 14, 2019
Small changes add up Jul 14, 2019 Here is a link to a positive move by my employer to reduce one source of waste — disposable coffee cups: Change that counts: Does driving an electric car help decarbonize the economy? Jul 13, 2019 Here is an example of the sort of learning I mentioned in my previous post that can help me make good decisions regarding how I try to minimize my A dystopian future? Jul 12, 2019 I’m worried about the growing likelihood that my own children are inheriting a dystopian future of a dying planet and disrupted societies due to Poems I read in 2019 Mar 12, 2019 Poems that I have read in 2019: Poems marked with ★ are ones I particularly enjoyed. The Stairs at Korcula by William Bronk (Selected 2019 Reading Mar 12, 2019 Updated: 19 July 2019 This list is in the order that I finished these books. River of Blood: Tales of the Waiatoto by John Breen 6/10. A Old blog posts help me make a decision Mar 9, 2019 Life is full of choices, many don’t have lasting consequences, quite a few have significant cumulative effects, and some have a major impact on our Digital decluttering Jan 21, 2019 In order to clear the way for fresh projects in 2019 I am currently in the process of cleaning up my digital clutter. I have files, photos and New Year Update Jan 9, 2019 Another new year with it’s own list of goals, hopes and anxieties. I have made (and am still refining) some particular goals for this year, though Poems I read in 2018 Dec 31, 2018 Poems that I have read in 2018: Ogre by Emma Neale (Spark). Spell by Emma Neale (Spark). Lucky dip by Emma Neale (Spark). Renewal by Emma 2018 Reading Dec 31, 2018 These are the books I am reading right now Praying Hyde by Captain E.G. Carre. I became interested to learn more about John Hyde while reading Meeting Stewart Island locals Oct 17, 2018 We recently took our family to Stewart Island to enjoy the unspoiled wilderness there and during our stay met many friendly and interesting locals. Poetry is a life-cherishing force Oct 15, 2018 For poems are not words, after all, but fires for the cold, ropes let down to the lost, something as necessary as bread in the pockets of the Recalibrating my reading Sep 28, 2018 Back in November 2011 I published a list of books I wanted to read. Looking at that list now seven years later, I am dismayed at how few of those Tooth extraction Sep 24, 2018 As a flow-on effect of the sinus surgery I had a month ago, the CT scan which was done for that procedure showed a tooth with an infected root The Land of Far Beyond Sep 17, 2018 We are currently reading our 9-year-old a book by Enid Blyton called “The Land of Far Beyond” which is like a kids version of “Pilgrim’s Progress”. Blog consolidating and spring-cleaning Aug 25, 2018 Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been consolidating and spring cleaning my blog. This has involved  using a self-hosted WordPress installation to Sinus surgery Aug 20, 2018 At 2pm last Monday I was knocked out. It was done gently with an anaesthetic but once that wore off it certainly felt like someone very large has Who wants to give Facebook their nude pics? Jul 27, 2018 Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been wondering if maybe deleting my Facebook account was such a good move — I’ve found out Update, July 2018 Jul 27, 2018 It has been so long since I posted anything here that I thought the easiest way to get going again would be to do a general update on where I’m at New (old) notebook day May 25, 2018 I have just reached the last page of my previous notebook so rather than crack open a brand spanking new one I’m returning to one that I started
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