Sandy Hook shooting

I got to spend my Friday with my two girls at their school fun day yesterday. In Connecticut parents are being told their children have been murdered by an evil young man with a gun. Heartbroken for them, gutted that this world contains such evil, thankful for my own kids and at a loss to know why these things happen.

Best birthday ever

Iona is enjoying her “best birthday ever”, presents, cake and morning tea with neighbours, lunch with friends at Great Taste, movie with friends (Puss in Boots) and now some party games. Apparently the best part was riding into town in the back of the car because we were a seat short – we could have saved some money!

Moved schools

Disappointed to find we were right in moving the girls to another school. Reply from school board effectively says, “we are concerned by what happened but will change nothing”. Which we expected but had hoped for better.

Perpetrator was ‘dealt with’ (community constable talked to him and he missed out on a school trip – that’s fine by me), my main issue is that they are still not addressing the core of our complaint that there is too much stressy behaviour from the teachers and this is making things confusing and difficult for the kids.