Mike McArthur

A personal site, currently under construction

Site Philosophy

The internet is always growing and changing, some stuff gets better, some gets worse. A lot of websites follow the trends without much consideration of why, or whether it is providing a good user experience. I've never been trendy, so have liberty to consider what goes on this site and why. Here are some of the choices I have deliberately made for this site:

This list may well grow as time goes by, but what I've listed above are strongly held values for me and should not change.

I have listed 'simplicity' above, thinking in terms of the code behind each page. I also value simplicity of layout and design. The web has become very noisy so I personally value sites that allow me to escape such noise and provide a thinking space in which to enjoy what the author has to say. The designer Frank Chimero has interesting things to say about spaces on the web.