A boy’s world

Lego, army figures, tanks and trains
wooden railway encircling planes
worlds in your head
worlds in your hands
You could grow up to be an engineer
but how can I know the future from here
all I’m sure of
is who you are now
Absorbed in your game, oblivious
the creations you make, ingenious
lost in your world
your world is us
Wiry arms wrapped around my neck
my stubble prickling your smooth cheek
kiss, cuddle, kiss
not letting go.

This poem was inspired watching my son playing and thinking about the world as he might see it, but written from my perspective as a father. 

8 thoughts on “A boy’s world”

    1. Thanks Chris, it took a lot of revision to get from first draft to what you see here but was fun and a good learning experience too. I really wanted to get over the psychological barrier of publishing a poem.

      1. It’s a great start, Mike (although I think I’ve seen one other poem from you quite a while ago?). I found it quite moving.

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